Make your home smart.

VOJINET is a SmartHome-System for wireless controlling of electrical devices at home. For example you can turn on the lights in your livingroom with your smartphone.

Keep an eye on your home with the SmartHome-Robot Vobot. This project is still in development. Aim of this project is to create an efficient and economic SmartHome-Solution.



Robot from the future.

From time to time everyone wishes a little helper at home, which assumes one or the other task. For this purpose Vobot was developed. He is, indeed, far away from beeing a butler, however you can always keep an eye on your home over livestream, move inside thanks to his mobility, turn on lights and other electrical devices or just relax by streaming music to his built-in speakers.


Supported Platforms

Smartphone, Tablet, Desktop, Laptop...

With VOJINET you can always keep track of where the lights in your home are on or off. VOJINET is a web-based System, which is built on HTML5, because of that it makes no difference if you access VOJINET via your smartphone, tablet or computer. For a faster access an Android app was developed, for now it is in the test phase. A version for iOS is already planned.


Voice Control

The power of speech.

A special feature of VOJINET is the direct control using voice commands. For the moment Android as well as Android Wear devices are supported . For example you can relax on the couch and tell your smart watch or smartphone to turn off the lights in your livingroom. With the help of this feature you can avoid the one or other disputes.


Amazon Echo

"Alexa, lights on."

Amazon Echo is a smart speaker developed by Amazon, with seven built-in microphones. The special feature of Amazon Echo is the voice-controlled intelligent personal assistant service Alexa, which is getting more and more popular. A good reason to integrate the Amazon Echo into the system of VOJINET. By simple voice commands like "Alexa, turn the bedroom lights on", you can control electrical devices inside the VOJINET network.


Raspberry Pi

Powered by Raspberry Pi.

The Raspberry Pi is a small single-board computer developed by the Raspberry Pi Foundation in the United Kingdom, of which over 11 million units were sold by November 2017. The real goal of usage was to teach basic computer science in schools and developing countries. However the popularity of the Raspberry Pi quickly went beyond these limits and became very popular in other areas such as robotics. Due to the compact design and good performance, the systems of VOJINET and Vobot are powered by the Raspberry Pi.

More information: www.raspberrypi.org



Secure your home.

With VOJINET you can monitor your home from everywhere. Have a livestream from your Vobot directly to your smartphone, tablet or any other computers. If you spot something suspicious, you have the possibility to start an alarm on your Vobot or sound system to which VOJINET is connected. This way you do not need to worry about your home when you are on holidays next time.



Enjoy your own music.

It does not matter if Rock, Pop or Hip-Hop, choose the music you want to hear. Stream music from your smartphone or computer to the Vobot or your sound system. VOJINET supports the universal interfaces AirPlay and UPnP, so you have the possibility to broadcast your music from iTunes, Windows Media Player or numerous other applications to VOJINET.



Take over the control and make your home smart with the help of VOJINET.


Control your lights and other electrical devices wirelessly.


VOJINET supports multiple smartphones, tablets and computers.


The simplified control via app is possible, for Android devices.

Voice Control

You can control your home by voice commands with Android (Wear).

Amazon Echo

VOJINET supports voice control via Amazon Echo.


Monitor your home with help of Vobot.


Start an alarm if you spot something suspicious.


Stream your own music to your sound system or Vobot.


Do you have questions, suggestions or an idea? Please send an e-mail to vojinet@milvoj.com to get in touch! Please refer to the Privacy & Disclaimer section before contacting.